On the Rise

The global market for medical cannabis is dynamic and swift.

A large part of medical science, the people and legislators of many countries regard the prohibition policy adopted in the last century as pointless. It is obvious that the world wants to recede from classifying a plant as illegal, which provides so many advantages for the mankind. The medical benefit, the economic factor and also the spread and revival of support of cannabis among the population - even by non-users - are all contributing factors to a movement, that gains huge momentum right now.

Our Objective

Our first objective is to expand MediCrops to one of the leading production companies for plant-based pharmaceutical raw materials and to make it indispensable as a supplier to the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. MediCrops cultivates cannabis under a state-approved cultivation License as a source for the extraction of active ingredients for therapeutical utilization. The License isn´t subject neither to production quantity restriction, nor to a limitation regarding the content of Cannabinoids.

All Cultivation will be realised in GMP- and GACP-Certified environments at highest Standards. This makes us one of currently very few high-volume manufacturers in existence, delivering pharmaceutical-grade cannabis containing the full range of Cannabinoids. Because particularly the production of the therapeutically valuable cannabis with THC content is still strictly legally restricted or even banned throughout Europe.

Should it be the case that the trend to legalisation continues as it took place in many other parts of the globe, the Mission of MediCrops will be to build one of the most recognisable Consumer Brands around Europe and to strive for being a market leader in recreational Cannabis by marketing a wide collection of premium products at competitive prices.

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Revival of a Crop ?

The reasons for the period of an almost globally established prohibition as a medicinal plant, as stimulant (and even as agricultural resource) can at least be called questionable in the scientific-medical context. The USA (whose declaration of independence, incidentally, is written on hemp paper) seemed being quite uncertain about its course in the last century. On the one hand, the US army advertised with the slogan "Hemp for Victory", which was supposed to boost hemp production as an important raw material for armament, while at the same time a certain Harry J. Anslinger led a seemingly personal campaign against cannabis and the United States used its influence to enforce worldwide prohibition.
The history of the law, especially over the past 100 years, fills books, which is why we are certainly doing each other a favor if we restrict ourselves on this website to highlighting the current situation and prospects for the future as best we can. And of course the role of MediCrops.

Main Targets

Image change to the extreme :
From earliest medicine of mankind
to demonized hippie drug and back again.

Cannabis Sativa L. - the scientific name for cannabis or marijuana, served humans back more than 7,000 years ago as a remedy. As the first cultivated plant of all, hemp became a valuable raw material for a wide spread of utilization.

The therapeutic benefits of cannabis are manifold. Against well over 100 illnesses and diseases it was officially prescribed as a medicine in the USA 80 years ago. And just starting from North America and Canada, where cannabis was classified a few decades ago as a dangerous drug "causing madness", the wave of legalization takes its course and spreads globally. Today, experts not only see Europe as the most profitable market (highest expenditure in the health care system), but also consider it to lead the most pronounced progressivism in questions of legalization.

Supply & Demand

The progressive approval as a prescription drug in 14 EU countries is currently creating a supply vacuum and thus a real business case. The rapidly growing demand in Europe is currently mainly met by imports from Canada, where companies are the only ones able to supply significant quantities of pharmaceutical grade/purity. But Canada is busy with its own market. In 2018 only 3.13 tonnes of imported goods landed in German pharmacies. If you consider the at the low end estimated 250 Tons of cannabis consumed in 2018 in Germany and minimum 60 tons in Switzerland, having barely a tenth of this population, you can imagine how scarce this commodity from official resources really gets. Prices of up to 26 € for a single gram of cannabis flowers throughout Europe is todays result.

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