About us

About MediCrops®

MediCrops® is an internationally operating pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland specializing in prescription-only cannabis preparations containing THC. Our subsidiary MediCrops® North Macedonia has an official licence issued by the Ministry of Health. In conformity with the highest GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards, it is operating a high-tech indoor cultivation for the production and development of pharmaceuticals in their in-house laboratory. MediCrops® has set new benchmarks in the cannabis industry by building out a holistic ecosystem, whose synergies will contribute to improving the well-being of millions of people the world over.

«We take one of the oldest useful plants in the history of mankind and open up completely new vistas for the treatment of chronic pain with pharmaceutical products containing THC.»

– Ivan Mestrangelo, Chief Executive Officer
Our top-of-the-class production facility guarantees premium product quality
Our lean company structure allows us to operate with agility and flexibility
Our numerous and diverse partnerships throughout the world of medicine constitute our basis
Our processes and products are monitored and certified
Our distribution and logistics ensure availability at all times
Our sustainable cultivation practices protect the environment