Corporate governance

MediCrops Holding AG’s corporate governance and environmental management teams aim to create and maintain transparency and sustainable value for all stakeholders. The focus of the Board of Directors is on the Corporate Governance Framework to ensure a consistent implementation of the best practice standards in accordance with the ‘Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance’

Our core values

Kernwerte - Miteinander


MediCrops does not only rely on the linear process of product idea, financing and development but also incorporates itsbusiness environment in the development of theproduct formats right from the start.

Kernwerte - Effizient


The innovation process at MediCrops therefore functions according to modern perspectives because making mistakes must be allowed. Learning from mistakes and a corporate culture that encourages employee creativity are top priorities at MediCrops.

Kernwerte - Innovativ


The MediCrops management team puts itself in the customers’ shoes and creates favourable conditions for the development of innovations. This includes regular testing and partnerships with other companies and universities.

Kernwerte - Professionell


Through this kind of professional product development, we want to reduce the risk of erroneous development on the one hand and significantly increase the quality of our product range on the other. 

Management Team

Ivan Mestrangelo
Chief Executive Officer

Company founder with many years of experience in building companies in the food, health and pharmaceutical sectors. Proven expertise in scaling businesses from initial vision to successful operational phase.

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Luitpold Wüsthof
Chief Financial Officer

Studied business administration, philosophy, politics and economics in Bamberg and Munich. Over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, finance and financial communication in multinational companies, such as GE, OC Oerlikon and Von Roll. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified.

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Dr. Philippe Paroz
Project Manager

Pharmaceutical expert with over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry: Head of Immun-Biological Products at Swissmedic, Pfizer, Berna Biotech, Johnson & Johnson and PaxVax Berna.

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Maria-Luisa Musumeci
Assistant to the Management Team

Many years of experience in providing administrative and commercial support to the Management Team and the Investor Relations department.

Sacha Tanner
Plant Cultivation expert

Internationally renowned expert in plant and tissue culture with many years of experience from commercial plant breeding with medicinal cannabis.

Dr. Baptiste Bourgine
Scientific Collaborator

PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry from the University of Lausanne, works in various research areas, especially plant genetics and plant proteins.

Dr. Anthony Guihur
Senior Scientific Collaborator

PhD in molecular biology from the University of Tours and research fellow at the University of Lausanne where he works in the fields of (plant) molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and biomedical research.

Dr. Patrick Buschor
Qualified Person / QMS Consultant

MSc in molecular sciences and PhD in immunology from the University of Bern with over 5 years of professional experience in quality management and regulatory affairs in the medical field.

Corporate structure

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland
MediCrops Biomedical Technologies AG
Kanton Schwyz, Switzerland

Operational unit with planned R&D facilities and production site for the manufacture of flowers and extracts. The laboratory is located in the Biopôle SA research center in Lausanne.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Development of a seed database, research and development, production and commercialisation of cannabis seeds and clones for MediCrops.

MediCrops add-on acquisitions

Establishment of regional and holding companies, add-ons and JV shares.