Germany: Health Insurance covered Cannabis Sales at all-time high!

Impressive figures has been reported from the world´s largest importer of medical marijuana. Cannabis sales covered by health insurance increased by 74% compared to second quarter of previous year. A clear sign for where the european market is headed to.

We here @MediCrops can feel the heat, since we receive plenty of inquiries from distributors and other buyers. Tenor of these discussions is mostly that right now everybody is buying all they can get. A big part of our business will be tailor made Strains, oils, extracts and destillates. We are also into final negotiations with several strategic partners that allow us to initiate multinational expansion of cultivation operation and the mutual development, production and marketing of patients devices for dosage and uptake of Cannabinoids.

MediCrops puts most value on establishing own Research Projects. With an own in-house Laboratory and Collaborations with accredited Universities in Bio-Science.

The Future of Pharma is green and it grows rapidly. We know how to handle.

Analysis: German sales of insured medical cannabis soar in second quarter