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In Europe, the wave of legalisation is unstoppable. Never before have so many cannabis preparations been prescribed and paid for by health insurance companies
as they have been in the past few years. Access is becoming easier and easier for patients.

Brightfield Group, a business analysis company, predicts that the market for medicinal cannabis in Europe will grow by around 80% per year and will be worth around $8 billion as early as 2023. In Germany alone, where sales amounted to 70 million in 2018, this figure is expected to reach about $2.7 billion in 2023. In their report, the analysts also conclude that due to this rapid progression, Europe will soon be a more prominent market for producers than Canada and North America.

Cannabis is an alternative and a supplement to many of the most commonly prescribed medicines; and to those that do not require a prescription, which generate billions in sales. There is still enormous potential to be unlocked in this field with easy and safe solutions for patients.

MediCrops gets to the heart of the matter with their strategy: from the very beginning, the highest production standards are implemented in accordance with EU GMP guidelines, guaranteeing access to the most renowned pharmaceutical distributors in the EU. With our own extraction plant and laboratories, our highly qualified scientists can find the fertile ground required for innovation. Patented ready-to-use medicines and inhalation solutions, extracts and tinctures from our own production – this ambitious goal is rigorously pursued so it can prevail in the market in the long term.

With the support of our investors, the MediCrops team has the opportunity to achieve these grandiose plans, grow rapidly and transform our know-how into shareholder value.

Share price development / Medicrops‘ profit expectation

«There’s never been a better time to be in cannabis, and there’s no better place to be than MediCrops.»

– Ivan Mestrangelo, Chief Executive Officer

Sustainable cultivation

Medicinal THC offers a wide range of health benefits. Sustainability takes centre stage with us.

Professional processing

Our preparations are produced in accordance with the most stringent quality guidelines.

Fast and secure distribution

The prompt supply of our partners in the healthcare sector is always guaranteed.

For prospective investors

Medical THC is one of the markets of the future in the pharmaceutical sector and MediCrops® covers the entire value chain, from cultivation to finished processing. Strarting from CHF 50,000 investors can participate in the growth of MediCrops®. Detailed information can be found in the comprehensive documentation.