MediCrops is expanding its state-of-the-art building complex into a GMP-certified cultivation facility.

For a period of six months, the MediCrops founding team travelled all over Macedonia to find the perfect location for the implementation of its project. The most important characteristics should be a good infrastructural connection (especially a fail-safe energy supply) and a good relationship with the community and authorities.

After countless meetings with heads of the various communities, all the ministries involved in foreign tradeagriculture and health,

…almost one hundred visits of plots and places, it was finally possible to discover the Holy Grail of Facilities and acquire it as company property. A spacious commercial complex with well over 3,500 m² of usable space to start with, surrounded by an area of one hectare commercial plot.

The property is equipped with a brand new cutting edge 1.5 megawatt photovoltaic system, which provides twice the capacity required for the entire operation of the indoor system, including artificial lighting. This saves the company at least. 150.000 euros for electricity supply – according to Macedonian prices. The fact that electricity is about four times more expensive in Germany or Switzerland once again illustrates how appropriate the choice of location was. With the photovoltaic system, this item is now completely eliminated anyway. Rather, it provides an additional source of income since the surplus electricity is fed into the local grid.
The existing solar system even provides sufficient capacity for an additional building of 3,500 m², for which an official building permit already exists on this plot. Construction will start by the end of 2022.

The limitless receptiveness with which we were welcome everywhere, the unconditional support that was promised, gave us a lot of confidence and trust to be in the right Country with this project. This location, surrounded by a fairytale natural landscape, with direct access to mountain spring water and the possibility of climate-neutral energy generation, was the last component of MediCrop’s success model.

The 2,500 m2 main hall with a ceiling height of 6.50 m is already equipped with an industrial ventilation system whose high-performance ventilation housing has the dimensions of a small van. This system will be sterilized and equipped with a modern microfilter system. Any contamination of the plants with germs, bacteria, pests and other organisms can thus be excluded.

The requirements for the granting of the state cultivation licence for pharmaceutical cannabis are considerably lower than those of the GMP standards. In order to achieve maximum prices for medical cannabis, it is important to standardize the organic process of plant cultivation and processing as far as possible to achieve consistent quality and reliable active ingredient content. These production processes can be certified according to strict requirements by external testing institutes. These conducts are complex and lengthy. MediCrops has left nothing to chance and engaged the most renowned consultants for the architecture of the plant. These consultants develop such a detailed concept that the certification can already take place before the construction even starts. MediCrops will strive for the following standards and certificates: GMP, GAP, GACP, GSP and all relevant ISO standards.

The building complex also has features that are ideally suited to the security of our operations. For example, the entire site is already fenced in, has a comfortable security building and entrance gates that make it possible to load the valuable freight into vans while parked inside the building.

24h guard on 365 days by policemen is of course obligatory. The police even has responsibility for the control of the employees. The production of cannabis containing THC is subject to much stricter regulations than, for example, the cultivation of CBD hemp in Switzerland. Every seedling, every plant and every flower that is handled on the farm must be logged in a life cycle catalogue so that abuse can be effectively prevented.

A special highlight for cultivation is of course the direct connection to spring water of the highest quality. We can hardly wait to see the plants grow and are considering the installation of a high quality HiFi system in the grow rooms as an icing on the cake in order to provide the plants with classical music and jazz. Everything for the science!