MediCrops® @Medical Cannabiz World Summit Malta – Melting Pot of Europe´s Cannabis Industry

The first edition of the Medical Cannabiz Summit took place this week after the Maltese government changed the law in favour of the medical use of cannabis in order to clear the path for patients and producers.

Around 3,000 participants, from newcomers to luminaries of cannabis activism and research were present, celebrated and discussed the future of medicine in a vivid networking event.

Topics such as regulation, innovation, social impact & responsibility were very popular. MediCrops Holding AG was also invited to the StartUp Pitch.

Ivan C. Mestrangelo
Toby Shillito
Benjamin Köhler
@Malta Summit

Although we as a producer of pharmaceutical cannabis were rather exotic between all the blockchain and IT start-ups, we received a lot of encouragement for our sustainable concept and were able to discuss interesting partnerships with top scientists as well as strategic investors.

The talks have once again proven how much we only scratch at the surface of the plants pharmacology. Micro- and nano-cannabinoids, terpenes and other secondary plant substances – and of course the interaction of these in the human organism. These are all mechanisms that no one has yet deciphered. The highest priority in our strategy is the rapid development from producer of pharmaceutical raw materials into a leading innovator. Targeting the development of new strains, unique formulations of extracts and ready-to-use medications based on cannabinoids. As a young company, we are already bonding with strong partners. Further exciting details will be announced shortly.