Our Production
in Macedonia

Even in the small country of North-Macedonia, which released cannabis for medical purposes in 2016, the plants enormous medical potential and its production as an economic factor is being exploited.
Investors from abroad are very welcome to the post-communist state, which is currently reinventing itself and is closer to joining the EU than many other candidates would dream of.

The relationship with Switzerland has been characterised by strong community and cooperation since the country's independence. Northern Macedonia has been a priority country for Swiss cooperation with Eastern Europe for more than 20 years.

Due to our excellent relations to the Ministry of Health and municipality, MediCrops receives every conceivable support in the implementation of its plans. We already feel very close to Macedonia and look forward to a long and unique success story.

The support of the authorities and the government is, of course, also fueled by the extent of our project.
The developments are also meeting the interests of a large part of the population. Currently 70% of Macedonians vote pro medical use of hemp.

Production Site

Production Site

The MediCrops Group has acquired a highly modern commercial property including 10,000 m² of land in Northern Macedonia, in the middle of a picturesque natural landscape, in proximity to a large mountain spring providing purest water quality. The building complex is in solid construction, comprises a total of 3,500 m² and was fully equipped with a brandnew thermal insulation. The 2,500 m² main hall is currently being converted into a GMP/GACP certified breeding plantation. An existing industrial ventilation system with a central housing the size of a small transporter will be sterilised and retrofitted with complex microfilter technology. The room height of 6.50 m enables a two-storey construction with a net cultivation area of approx. 4,800 m². More than 70,000 plants in the blooming room, bred from clones, deliver up to 5 harvests totalling approx. 20,000 kilos of pharmaceutical grade Cannabis Flower per year. The electrical energy for indoor breeding is completely supplied by our own new photovoltaic system from the market leader SunGrow-Systems. The entire roof area of the complex is equipped with the most efficient photovoltaic modules. The system has a peak output of 1.5 megawatts and produces an average equivalent of 150,000 euros of electricity per year.

According to the Macedonian exchange rate. In Germany or Switzerland this is worth approx. 500,000 euros. We need half the capacity for operation, the other half is fed into the local grid till expansion of the complex. The 10,000 m² site already has an official building permit for an extension with the same floor measurements of approx. 3,500 m² at 12.50 m building height. At full capacity in 2023, an annual production quantity of at least 70,000 kilograms of cannabis flowers in EU-GMP/GACP-certified, pharmaceutical quality will be harvested here on approx. 15,000 m² plantation space. The operation of the plant requires 30-40 permanent employees and even more harvesters, who are employed by MediCrops Macedonia LTD. at fair wages.

GMP Indoor Cultivation Plant

approx. 3.500 m² floor space

2-Storey Architecture

Approx. 4,800 m² cultivation space, 70.000 Plants Capacity

Official Building Permit for Expansion

approx. 3,500 m² floor space

Building height 12.50 m, 3-level architecture

10,000 m² cultivation space, 150.000 Plants Capacity

Controlled cultivation
with secure processes

Presenting State-of-the-Art Technology in Cultivation

The plants grow in clean rooms according to the highest GACP/GMP standards. The cultivation rooms are hermetically sealed from the outside world and are ventilated and air-conditioned using sophisticated filter systems. In these rooms there is permanent slight overpressure, which effectively prevents the entry of all germs and pests. This creates process reliability and minimises the risk of crop failures. In order to increase the yield by up to 30%, the supplied air is enriched with carbon dioxide (Co2), which has the effect of an additional fertilizer that the plant can absorb by its leafes instead of its roots. Parameters such as humidity and temperature can be precisely adapted to the needs of the plants. Artificial fertilizers and pesticides can be completely eliminated by the implementation of this setup.