The use of Cannabis Sativa L. as a medicinal plant dates back to the earliest history of mankind. The world is currently frenetically celebrating its comeback. The reports of patients whose quality of life has improved significantly through the intake of active substances (cannabinoids) are increasing. But hemp also breaks records as a dietary supplement. Forget fish oil, avocado and Brussels sprouts. Hemp seeds! Science is not aware of any vegetable food that has a higher concentration of the most valuable omega 3/6 fatty acids in an optimal ratio for bioavailability.

For the Organism

The range of applications is wide and covers a large number of the most common diseases in all age groups. Many treated persons, especially those who suffer from chronic pain, were able to ditch or dose off other drugs with high side effect profile completely by taking cannabis. 45% of patients taking benzodiazepines with a high dependency potential for the treatment of anxiety, muscle cramps and sleep disorders could be completely substituted with cannabis. In the USA, hemp-based drugs are regarded as a way out of the opioid crisis. Ongoing studies have already documented strongly anticarcinogenic methods of action. The successes are already evident today. However, we are only at the beginning of research into medical properties.

The variety of treatments made possible by cannabinoids.

Further indications

Outdated Stereotypes

Apart from the health benefits, in this day and age no one can ignore the fact that cannabis has arrived in the center of our society. In Switzerland, cannabis flowers with reduced THC content (very low effect of being high) are already freely available for adults at every kiosk and petrol station. The plant has therefore undergone a tremendous image change. From the outdated cliché of the long-haired pothead, who sneaks around and draws his "Dope" from clandestine figures with a certain proximity to organized crime, usage has now spread to all strata of society and gained a lot more social acceptance.

A Glimpse to the Future

What else can hemp do?

It is quite unglamorous: Humankind has lived through the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age - our generation is in the middle of the era of plastics. Even the last among us has now realized that there is no future in it. That is why people are working hard to turn away from plastics based on crude oil. The almost unlimited possibilities with hemp as a raw material for industry are returning into limelight. Even in modern high-tech products such as the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, biofibre composites made of hemp are used, which in direct competition to carbon fibre enable the production of stiff and lightweight components, but at the same time deliver a first-class ecological balance. Biodegradable plastics obtained from hemp, e.g. for packaging, are also a strong, upcoming trend.

No high-tech sealed indoor cultivation is required for farming industrial hemp. The robust and frugal plant can defend itself against pests in a natural way. As an open-air crop, hemp combines several benefits: a single hectare of hemp can replace up to 120 hectares of trees for cellulose production because it contains four times as much cellulose and grows 30 times faster. Hemp is even able to remove contaminants from the soil (heavy metals and radioactivity) and convert them into harmless substances. Our site is surrounded by hundreds of acres of fertile and currently unused agricultural land, which can be farmed at any time for low tenure or purchase prices.