Products & Technology

MediCrops’ planned product portfolio focuses on medicinal dried cannabis flowers and extracts and is to be complemented in the longer term by additional products and finished medicinal remedies.


MediCrops offers its customers premium quality and dependable products based on a highly integrated production process and strict product quality standards. 

The high vertical integration of the value chain from seed to end product, together with independent research and development, are the outstanding features of MediCrops’ business model.


We are building one of the most advanced production facilities in the world and comply with national rules and regulations. MediCrops’ production uses the company’s own design, software and standardised production processes.

Our closed cultivation rooms use cutting-edge environmental control technologies to manage all variables, including lighting, temperature, nutrients and water.

Forschung Medizinal Cannabis

Research & Development

Although there are many reports of successes with cannabis therapy, when viewed objectively, medical research is still in its infancy. Out of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, only two molecules (THC and CBD) have been studied in detail.

MediCrops will use a large part of the budget for cooperation with medical universities and cancer clinics.