We are building one of the most advanced production facilities in the world in Switzerland and comply with national rules and regulations. MediCrops’ production uses the company’s own design, software and standardised production processes. Our closed cultivation rooms use cutting-edge environmental control technologies to manage all variables, including lighting, temperature, nutrients and water. 

Each of these rooms is sealed with special doors to protect against contamination from air pollutants. Our production process is specifically designed to cultivate standardised cannabis without pesticides. We are also proud of our international quality assurance system with very high hygienic standards, appropriate testing requirements and the strict limitation of pesticides and fungicides.

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MediCrops’ new production facilities and processing operations will be among the most modern in the world. (Symbol image)

Research & development at the Biomedical Competence Centre, Biopôle in Lausanne. (Symbol image)

Together with its experienced engineers, MediCrops develops a production facility and processes that meet the highest standards. MediCrops concentrates those areas with the highest added value in Switzerland, namely research & development or production according to GMP guidelines.

In order to save costs at the same time, the supply of inputs is outsourced to cheaper countries. This clever division of labour results in MediCrops consuming significantly less energy than comparable companies.

Production process

MediCrops offers its customers premium quality and dependable products based on a highly integrated production process and strict product quality standards. The high vertical integration of the value chain from seed to end product together with independent research and development are the hallmarks of MediCrops’ business model.

Cannabis cultivation

To ensure consistent product quality, cuttings are taken from a parent plant, which then grow into new plants with identical characteristics. This process is known as cloning. The plant is then grown under constantly monitored, consistent conditions before being harvested.  MediCrops  produces a wide range of cultivars to meet the demands of customised patient treatment, including specific cultivar varieties.