Quality policy

Quality policy

The pursuit of customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. A key feature of our work is the quality of our products and services.

As a manufacturer of medicinal products, we assume a particular responsibility. In order to fulfil this, we have established a comprehensive quality assurance system. Product quality is ensured by implementing international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards in production and quality control alongside comprehensive quality management. Based on our manufacturing authorisation, our GMP conformity in manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance are continuously validated through regular GMP inspections by our regulatory authority.

Within the framework of strategic planning, quality objectives are defined for all business areas.


The most important principles of our quality policy are:

  • Each employee takes responsibility for the quality of their work within the scope of their job. Our aim is to produce accurate and flawless work to a high standard at all times.
  • We consider the achievement of high quality to be the result of continuous improvement processes. We know that the quality of our products, services and processes largely depends on our employees. We therefore integrate this understanding into our training, development and leadership principles. Regular further training of our employees as well as participation in various committees and organisations are therefore a matter of course for us.
  • We are committed to our social responsibility and expect the same from our contractual partners. Therefore, we dissociate ourselves from any kind of corruption and discrimination.
  • Naturally, the safety and protection of people and the environment are also of the utmost importance to us. We have therefore taken steps in terms of sustainability which go beyond the required measures pursuant to the applicable legislation and guidelines, including, for example, our extensive medicinal plant cultivation.
  • We see ourselves as a reliable partner of the doctors, pharmacists and customers who prescribe, recommend and use our products. In addition to the quality and safety of our drugs, high service quality is an important goal of our work. In particular, the comprehensive range of needs-based information about our products and their application, from raw materials used and manufacturing processes to the scientific publication of the results of clinical research, which we make available, for example, through our public relations work, our websites and in direct customer contact, is an illustration of our endeavour to achieve the highest level of transparency and customer orientation.
For prospective investors

Medical THC is one of the markets of the future in the pharmaceutical sector and MediCrops® covers the entire value chain, from cultivation to finished processing. Strarting from CHF 50,000 investors can participate in the growth of MediCrops®. Detailed information can be found in the comprehensive documentation.