Targets & Strategy

Medicrops Ltd. Macedonia is among the few companies to receive a state license for the cultivation of THC-containing cannabis. The license is not subject to any quantity restrictions, e.g. as it applies in the tender procedure in Germany.

With a GACP- and GAP-certified indoor cultivation facility connected to excellent infrastructure, which right at the start comprises approx. 4,800m² of usable plantation space, the company is optimally positioned to cover the existing and explosively growing unfulfilled demand for cannabis products in pharmaceutical quality in Europe.

R&D requires large investments. This is why the focus in the upcoming 2 years will be on establishment and expansion of cultivation capacity for cannabis biomass, dedicated to the extraction of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The demand for raw material is high. Offtake-Agreements from pharmaceutical companies and importers ensure that our product can be marketed on a regular basis right from the first harvest. The implementation of an in-house extraction plant is on Schedule. This is where MediCrops will start to develop recipes and formulations using extracts from own cultivation, increasing depth of value chain significantly

Precision Breeding & Optimization

As with all living beings, genetics determines most of the development of plants in addition to environmental factors. The growth, the resistance, the content of cannabinoids and, of course, the yield are crucial for the success of commercial farming of medicinal crops. In addition to a highly technical environment, in which we create constant conditions for the plants, we will have our own research department, which develops new strains with optimised genetics according to the principle of precision breeding ( M.A.S ). Suitable Partners for hybridization are being selected by analysing the genetic material, instead of relying solely on optical characteristics.

Research &

Although success in cannabis based therapy has been reported in many places, medical research is still in its infancy - to keep it in perspective.

Of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, only two molecules (THC and CBD) have been studied elaborately. Secondary plant substances such as Flavonoids are currently under examination for the treatment of aggressive pancreatic cancer with promising results. Also the interaction of terpenes (which we perceive as aroma) with cannabinoids, which probably influences the uptake and bioavailability in the human organism, is largely unexplored.

MediCrops will provide a substantial budget for cooperation with medical universities and cancer clinics in order to advance specialized research, conduct robust studies and decipher the complex mode of action of the plants substances in the human endocannabinoid system.

On the one hand, we are pursuing the goal of expanding the therapeutic application spectrum and further increasing the acceptance of medicinal hemp in society. On the other hand, this research work serves us to develop our own patentable medical preparations and end products, which allows higher profits than the raw product.