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Corporate responsibility is already an important topic at MediCrops during the start-up phase. The only negative news currently reaching us in the cannabis industry relates to the energy hunger of indoor plantations and waste from large quantities of packaging material.

For all companies in the industry, but especially for those who are in the spotlight now or will be in the future, it is now extremely important to be a role model in terms of sustainability and to demonstrate a sense of responsibility by acting in a climate- and environmentally friendly manner. By launching our own 1.5 megawatt photovoltaic power plant, we are displaying future-oriented thinking.

But we also want to achieve a positive impact in the immediate vicinity of our sites. It is a matter of course for us to donate to the commonwealth within a rather weakly structured environment, because even in low-scale amounts (the limited ressources a startUp company has available9, it will immediately produce noticeable improvements for the community.

Apart from the fact that in the near future we will employ approx. 5% of the inhabitants of our community in a pleasant, clean workplace for far above-average wages, our founder Ivan C. Mestrangelo and the local community leader agreed on the first non-profit investments in the local infrastructure.

The Community Mayor Saso Jankovski with Founder Ivan C. Mestrangelo

From the very beginning we felt welcome everywhere in Northern Macedonia. Our dealings with authorities and ministries have always been characterised by an open and constructive style. For a few weeks now our first location has been determined and most of the Locals are enthusiastic. As in our country, there are people who are still rather sceptical about the cannabis boom. Wasn’t this always consumed as a drug by long-haired drifters and freaks? Today science regards it as a highly potent medicine in the fight against cancer and multi-resistant germs. And even as a valuable resource that could eliminate our dependence on oil.

A change of image from one extreme to the other is overwhelming for some people. We are currently carrying out sensitive educational work, conducting talks and distributing brochures to local residents.