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Have you always wanted to build something big and successful with your talent, but were still looking for the perfect idea and product? Do you want to be part of a successful and growing team that is setting new standards in the cannabis industry? Are you ready for it all? Then apply for this job and become part of MediCrops® Biomedical Technologies AG!

Purpose of the Job

  • Lab Technician – API Pharmaceuticals provides daily care of processing cannabis plants (Herbal Substance, Cannabis Sativa L.) into Herbal Preparation API (Cannabis Herbal Preparation) in the Processing Area (GMP) from Pre-Processing Decarboxylation (GMP), SFC CO2 Extraction Processing (GMP), Evaporation/Fraction Processing (GMP), Distillation Processing (GMP), Isolation and Chromatography Processing, Formulation and Filling (GMP). Also, Responsible for the Secondary Packaging related to API packaging.
  • During all cycle of the life of the processing, the Process API Technician will provide quality care and attention to the pre- process of the plants from Decarboxylation (GMP) to Filling/Formulation (GMP) which includes Extraction Process (GMP) and Post Process (GMP) activities
  • The Process API Technician will support the Process API Manager for manufacturing aspects.
  • Detailed recordkeeping and strict adherence to the company’s operating procedures (SOP’s and WI’s) and compliance with EU GACP and GMP Guidelines Herbal Substance and Herbal Preparations are essential for this position 

Main Responsabilities/Duties

Lab Technician – API Pharmaceuticals tasks:

  • Handling and coordinate daily care of medical cannabis herbal preparation processing in:
  • – Pre-Process (GMP): Decarboxylation, Terps trap
  • – Extraction Process (GMP): SFC CO2 Extraction, Winterization/Dewaxing/Filtration,
  • – Post-Processing (GMP): Evaporation/Fraction, Distillation, Purification, Isolation & Formulation/Filling, including inspecting the API, In Process Control (IPC). If needed Support the GACP Cultivation Team for the Grinding (GMP) and Primary Packaging (GMP) (Herbal Substance, GMP area only).
  • Continuous systematic cleaning and sanitizing of GMP area and equipment’s; dispose of waste according to strict compliance guidelines and SOP’s and WI’s.
  • Accurate tracking and recording of data (Data Integrity) during each phase of the processing/manufacturing of cannabis API herbal preparation. (Track and Trace “Seed-to-Sale”, igWLab)
  • Ensure the appropriate information is ALCOA+, clearly in accordance with the state regulations and company Policy, SOP’s, and WI’s. (Data Integrity)
  • Carefully follow directives as provided by the CEO & Chief Tech Ops /Quality Assurance.
  • Willingness to continue to learn the best with a strong interest in medical cannabis manufacturing activities.
  • Not limited to these tasks. (Training Plan Career)



  • MUST Hold a degree in a scientific discipline or equivalent; ideally Analytical Lab Technician or Phyto Extraction Lab Technician.
  • Ideally 2+ years of combined experience working in lab research or lab operations.
  • Experience in the medical cannabis industry (is a +)
  • Strong desire to work in processing API Cannabis field and a willingness to quickly learn about manufacturing quality medical cannabis preparations and products.
  • Know-how in EudraLex -the Rules Governing Medicinal Products in the European Union Volume 4 EU Guidelines to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Medicinal Products for Human and Veterinary Use Annex 7 Manufacture of Herbal Medicinal Products, GMP part I & II (API), and ICH- is highly appreciated.
  • High level of integrity and a strong work ethic.
  • Demonstrated ability to work comfortably and effectively within a diverse, multicultural, multigenerational environment.
  • Safety, Quality, Efficacy oriented
  • Proficiency and Good communication skills in French, English (must have) and German (would like)
  • Analytical root cause mind
  • Well organized, pragmatic, able to define and to support Process API Manager
  • Support Project in Continuous Improvement in GMP area.
  • Knowledge in Word, Excel, PPT, Teams…
  • Good skills in written for WI and SOP

Job Title

Lab Technician – API Pharmaceuticals


Processing GMP


VD, Y Parc Production and Manufacturing Site

Reports to

Processing API Manager

Employee Status

Full Time Permanent, Start : 2023

MediCrops® Biomedical Technologies AG is a Swiss-based and internationally operating pharmaceutical company specialising in prescription cannabis preparations containing THC. MediCrops® Biomedical Technologies AG is setting new standards in the cannabis industry by building a holistic ecosystem to improve the well-being of millions of people around the world through its synergies. The construction of a new production facility in the technology centre of Yverdon-Les-Bains is an important step towards the targeted market leadership.

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Lab Technician – API Pharmaceuticals